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Targeted Unaddressed Direct Mail Campaigns

Marketers are faced with the challenge of lower budgets that require greater results. Companies expect a greater rate of return on their investment that is easily measured and quantified. Direct mail can help meet both of these objectives.

Canada Post has created a tool geared towards Neighborhood mail called Precision Targeter. It allows marketers to further define their target area through the use of demographics. Below is a list of demographic search criteria available through Precision Targeter:

  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Dwelling
  • Household size
  • Labour force
  • Education
  • Income

Precision Targeter allows you to use up to 3 of the above demographics in your look-up. The end result is a direct mail project that is tailored more closely to your target audience, which will in turn result in a greater response rate.

The link below will take you to the Precision Targeter tool available on the Canada Post website.

Reports can be generated in 5 easy steps:

1)      Describe your campaign

2)      Choose your target audience

3)      Define your delivery area

4)      Review your plans

5)      Place your order

Don’t  have the time to do this yourself, let our data team generate reports on your behalf.

We are Canada Post Expert Partners after all!

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