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6 Design Programs You Can Use To Create A Flyer

Social media marketing and other online advertising tools provide marketers with opportunities for viral marketing. However, audiences still appreciate crafty and tangible forms of traditional marketing, such as flyers.

For the marketer, they can be easily and cost-effectively mass produced, plus you can leverage flyer distribution services to get them directly into the hands of prospects. Flyers are an effective form of marketing for most businesses, but you should get the design right for your type of industry, message, and target demographic.

Here are some of the top design programs for creating flyers:

  1. Adobe Illustrator The classic Adobe Photoshop software is very popular among both professionals and novices for all kinds of design work. Although you can use it to manipulate images when designing a flyer, Adobe Illustrator offers a lot more capabilities.

    Illustrator allows you to optimise the design of a single page, with options to arrange the different elements, including backgrounds, text, and images, in a single layout.

    InDesign is another popular design program that allows you to assemble elements into multi-page layouts, like in the design of brochures. But among the three, Illustrator is best for creating flyers.

    The package is available for $19.99 per month after the 30-day free trial.

  2. GIMPThis is completely free software for Windows and Mac with nearly the same capabilities as Adobe Photoshop. The program has many features that will take you a bit of time and effort to familiarize yourself with. But if you don’t want to pay for Adobe, this is a fantastic alternative for flyer makers.
  3. Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Word 2007 and newer versions come with the option for making flyers, posters, cards, and infographics. MS Word gives you access to hundreds of professional looking flyer templates that can be easily customized with colours, text, effects, and graphics of your choosing. Microsoft Publisher is intended for the sole purpose of design, so it should be easier to access the same features on Publisher than Word.

    The MS Office package for Windows comes with a one-month trial period and a $6.99-per-month subscription, or $69.99 per year.

  4. Print Creations The best feature for Print Creations is the range of printer customization options, which allow you to produce exceptionally high-quality flyer prints. But when it comes to designing flyers, the program only offers 2 free templates. To unlock any two of the 20 premium flyer templates, you must pay $19.99.

    The program is free with limited features for both Mac and Windows, though all designs come with a watermark. The software costs $29.99.

Final note

There are many other design programs you can use to create beautiful flyers and direct mail artwork. But keep in mind that good flyer distribution services are just as important as good design.

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