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What is considered a good response rate in direct mail?

For an acquisition mailing (designed to acquire new business), a response rate of 1% – 2% is considered successful. For more targeted personalized mailings, every industry has distinct expectations. For example, not-for-profit renewal mailings (designed to obtain gifts from existing donors) should work toward a successful response rate of 8% to 10% by industry standards.Direct mail response rates are dependent on many factors, but the three most important factors are Target Audience, Creative and Offer.

Other factors that affect response rates:

  • Type of program – i.e. acquisitions or renewal initiatives
  • Ease of response or redemption of offer
  • Relevance of product to recipient
  • Competitive activity
  • Seasonality

The more personalized you make your direct mail campaign, the greater chance you will incite the recipient to take action.

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