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How Direct Mail Marketing Can Improve Brand Awareness

The key to improving brand awareness is consistency. Many businesses promote their brand online using their website and social media platforms as their primary marketing channels. But traditional print marketing, including direct mail pieces, newspapers, and magazines, can also be beneficial for improving brand awareness, provided the marketers deliver a unified message.

Increase Brand Recognition With Direct Mailing

Businesses usually turn to direct mail advertising to achieve an immediate and specific response, such as an enquiry, trial, or sales. But it can also yield other positive effects, such as increasing awareness and interest and improving the perception of your brand.

Guidelines for brand building with direct marketing

Direct mail advertising allows you to customize mail pieces for a specific section of your target audience so they appeal to the interests of this smaller group and win them over. You can maximize the impact of your campaign by:

  1. Using the right coloursYour choice of colours should be guided by your company logo design. The colours should be consistent with all your branded items to avoid creating any confusion. However, you have more freedom on your choice of colours depending on the type of direct mail piece you choose, and the kind of emotions you hope to evoke. For instance, vibrant colours can make your brand look fun and energetic, while darker colours give the feeling of professionalism. Choose colours that reinforce the message you hope to get across.
  2. Studying your demographic You can only send mail pieces to a fraction of your target audience. So make sure that you are familiar with the likes and dislikes of the client demographic you choose to target with your mail pieces. Researching your audience will increase your ability to deliver personalized items that are more likely to attract a favourable response.
  3. Ensuring consistency If you already have an online brand awareness plan, it is important that you maintain the message, design, and tone of voice across other advertising channels. This is necessary to avoid confusion and provide seamless brand promotion efforts, both online and offline.

Final Tip: Direct Mailing Frequency

When planning your direct mail advertising campaign, it is important that you establish a well-thought-out mailing schedule. You need to send out your mail pieces frequently to keep your brand in their mind, but not too often that it becomes a bother for the recipients or too expensive for your company. A good compromise is to use a mixture of online and offline strategies to promote your brand.

Interested in adding direct mail marketing to your advertising mix? Please call our Toronto mailing house at 1-866-486-0423. Troi spells success, one letter at a time!

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