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Variable Imaging

Variable imaging is one of our promotional mail services, which allows projects to be custom tailored for each direct mailing campaign. Variable Imaging is defined as a digital print run, consisting of a static base image that is overlaid with personalized data. The simplest example is a form letter, where the only thing that changes is the addressee. Instead of creating 1000 different letters for 1000 different people, variable imaging creates a letter template and merges it with a database file containing 1000 different names. Troi’s variable imaging services include:

Cut Sheet Laser 1200 DPI (11 x 17 Maximum Sheet Size and Duplex Capabilities)

With our variable imaging print technologies (including laser printing), we can fulfill projects of any size on-time and under budget.

High-Speed Inkjet 600 DPI

Ultra high-speed with clear and outstanding results for all direct mail marketing campaigns, advertising mail, flyer distribution and any print & mail services required.

Continuous Impact Print

Troi’s promotional services include continuous impact prints that are perfectly suited for industries such as: logistics, barcode production, address labels for mailing, pressure-sensitive label applications and distribution. Our mailing solutions ensure that mail preparation is effective, and that promotional materials are successful investments.

Print & Direct Mail Services

Troi Mailing Services is a premium provider of Canadian, U.S. & International Direct Mail and Mail Fulfillment Services. Troi Mailing offers Data Processing, Lettershop, Variable Imaging and Commercial Print services along with Timeline Printing Inc.


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Troi Mailing has been processing all mailings related to our magazine for almost 10 years. As magazine...

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  • Folding, Slitting, Nesting
  • Machine Insertion up to 9 x 12
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