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Troi’s lettershop services in Toronto include:

Folding, Slitting, Nesting

An integral part of our lettershop services is what we call Fold-Slit-Nest. This usually involves legal-sized lasered forms where the client has a reply slip attached to the top of a letter. As the form is folded, we tuck the reply slip into the first fold, and then take a slit from the top. This separates the slip from the letter, which nests itself inside.

Machine Insertion up to 9 x 12

If you need commercial, policy or even booklet-sized envelopes, they can be printed in our Toronto lettershop. We use laser printing and ultra-fast inkjets for clear and crisp imaging on all of our clients’ projects. Our lettershop printing services work with every customer on an individual basis, regardless of the project size or quantity.


Troi’s lettershop offers polybagging and polywrapping of flats and printed materials, including: brochures, magazines, catalogs, product literature, etc. in any required quantity.

Our polybagging is an expert service, used for inserting items into polybags (polythene bags), and then sealing the bags for collection. An address label and postage can be applied to polybags, preparing the polybagged items for mail delivery through a Canadian or international postal operator (e.g. Canada Post).


Mailpieces must be sealed by tabs in order to obtain automation rates. Troi offers tabbing as part of our services, and we stock several types of tabs for most applications. The postal service runs mail through machines and, if not properly tabbed, the mail will be jeopardized.


Your Personalized mail (formerly addressed admail) will be professional and accurate with our labeling services. By ink, hand or PC, the experts at Troi ensure that your email marketing campaigns, direct mail marketing and flyer distribution projects are a success.

Tip On

As part of our bulk mailing services, we recommend a "tip on". This is an added discount card or magnet, attached to your personalized self-mailer through our tip-on-and-plough fold process. Using hot glue and electronic feed systems, we fluidly tip, glue, plough fold, seal and personalize for effective and eye-catching advertising mail.

Manual Processing and Fulfillment

Troi’s mail fulfillment services include document on demand printing, which eliminates the need for mass volume printing and document storage. Print only the documents you need, when you need them, and use Troi to send ad mail on time and on budget. If your project has specific requirements beyond the scope of our automated fulfillment technology, our manual mail fulfillment department will complete your advertising mail projects efficiently and error-free.

Print & Direct Mail Services

Troi Mailing Services is a premium provider of Canadian, U.S. & International Direct Mail and Mail Fulfillment Services. Troi Mailing offers Data Processing, Lettershop, Variable Imaging and Commercial Print services along with Timeline Printing Inc.


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Thank you Troi for the great job. It ran seamlessly and I will not hesitate to send further DM projects...

Beth Hooper
Econ-O-Pac Limited
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  • Folding, Slitting, Nesting
  • Machine Insertion up to 9 x 12
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