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Flyer, Postcard and Newsletter Distribution

There’s something about real paper flyers, postcards, and newsletters that make customers take notice. Hard-copy materials are opened more often, are considered more trustworthy, and are more likely to inspire a purchase than their digital equivalents. A good flyer, postcard, and newsletter distribution service is important for any marketing strategy.

Digital, OR not Digital?

There is no reason to choose between offline and online advertising. All advertising media can be integrated into a single strategy. Online and offline teams can share content, customer lists, and data.

However, one necessary choice is how much of your budget you should allocate to tangible advertisements.

Flyer Distribution

Flyers are an effective way to advertise new products and offers.

Flyers can be mailed to the largest target audience at the lowest postage rate. They are a great method of branding to a general population within a certain geographic region. Though flyers may not be personalized, they can be an incredible Direct Marketing piece with a great rate of return. The rate of return increases when the flyers carry the right offer at the right time to the right target.

Postcard Marketing

Postcards are effective because they do not have to look like ads and they can be personalized easily as Direct Mail. At a glance, postcards look like a more personal invitation or notification. Even on closer inspection, a good marketing postcard serves to communicate that a customer is valuable. It might not close a sale, but it will build interest. When targeted correctly to an interested individual, Direct Marketing postcards can have a great return on investment.

Newsletter Direct Mailing

Newsletters are another good way to build a community around a brand. They keep people invested in any changes to the brand, as well as aware of ongoing offers or specials.

Most importantly, they are a form of content that customers genuinely enjoy reading. Newsletters are generally an “opt-in” medium, meaning that customers sign up to receive them. This leads to high return on investment, since businesses only print materials that are almost guaranteed to be read by customers.

Choosing Methods

Flyers, postcards, and newsletters all have a purpose, and should all be used for most businesses. Businesses should focus on the medium that best fulfills their needs. If you want to keep the same customers coming back, a newsletter is the best option. If you need to drum up interest, postcards or flyers should be the focus. If instead you want to directly market products to as many people as possible, most of your budget should be in flyers.

Flyer, Postcard and Newsletter Distribution Services

The downside to all paper mailing products is the time they take to design, print, and mail. Fortunately, we can take care of it on time and under budget!

We are the premiere newsletter postcard distribution company in Toronto, and have mastered the art of the flyer in Toronto. Whether your focus will be in flyers, postcards, newsletters, or other direct mail marketing materials, we are the solution for you.


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