What is the expected turnaround time for my direct mailing project?

In general, direct mail turnaround is 2 weeks from receiving final artwork. Please allow 3-5 business days for the printing process once the proof(s) is approved, followed by 2-4 business days for mail preparation and processing before an order is sent to Canada Post for processing. Once at Canada Post, mail will take approximately 2-5 business days to be delivered.

I am running behind on my project, how can I still make my drop date?

Not to worry, this is a common situation. We are always ready to expedite projects, and will extend our production hours to accommodate our Clients’ needs. You can achieve the fastest project turnaround time by choosing Troi Mailing to provide you with full print and mail services.

How long does Canada Post direct mail delivery take?

Once received by Canada Post, direct mail delivery takes approximately 2-3 business days for local delivery, 3-4 business days for provincial delivery, and 4-5 business days for national delivery. Delivery to northern and remote areas can sometimes take up to 8 business days. Please click here for more specific Canada Post delivery times.

Can you mail to the US and other non-Canadian addresses?

Yes. We specialize in all local, national and international mail preparation using Canada Post and United States Postal Service (USPS).

How much does it cost for a direct mail campaign?

Every project is unique, and pricing varies depending on your project. Your direct mail campaign budget will be determined based on your direct mailer format, print/mail quantity, level of personalization and postage category. A customized proposal will be provided to you based on the specifications of your direct mail project within one business day.

How can I save on production costs?

During the initial quoting stage, our staff will advise on production options that will help keep your expenses cost-efficient without reducing the success of your direct mail campaign. Here are some things to consider when trying to reduce your production cost…

  1. Plan Ahead:
    It’s a good idea to plan your marketing initiatives for the year in advance, because it can make a substantial difference in the cost-effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. For example, producing envelopes in larger quantities to use over the course of several months reduces the unit cost of your campaigns.
  2. Choose Your Format:
    Unique direct mail formats stand out in the mailbox. However, some formats, such as die-cuts and unusual sizes, can increase production and delivery costs. The same can be said for metallic inks and special varnishes. A simple format and smart design with a compelling message can be just as effective as something extravagant.
  3. Clean Up Your Mailing List:
    Sending duplicate mail pieces to Clients is a waste of money, unless it is intended. Perform a National Change of Address (NCOA) once a year to make sure you have the most up-to-date postal information in your database.
  4. Segment and Personalize:
    Direct mailing to a small group of the “right” people is often more effective than mailing to everyone. Mailing fewer, more focused pieces can help secure better results. Segmenting your list to a targeted audience and personalizing your message to be relevant to that audience will maximize your direct mail response rates.
What is “print ready” artwork?

In order to achieve best quality printing, your creative files should be provided as high quality resolution Portable Document Format (PDF) with crop marks and bleeds where applicable. Crop marks are thin lines placed at the corners of an image, page or artwork layout to indicate where the paper should be trimmed after printing. Bleeds describe an image that extends beyond the crop marks to ensure that there is no white margin left along the trimmed edges.

What are the size requirements for the address area of a self-mailer and Canada Post indicia?

Address zones must be at least 6.35cm (height) x 8.89cm (length). Standard Canada Post indicia must be at least be at least 19mm tall, to a maximum height of 35mm.

How do I keep my postage costs down?

Troi Mailing Services has 25 years of direct mail experience. As an accredited Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner, we know the postal system comprehensively. Here are some ways you can reduce postage costs on your direct mail campaign:

  1. Cleaning Up Your Duplicate Address Records:
    Troi Mailing Services’ dedicated data team will eliminate any duplicate or invalid addresses from your direct mailing list, so you can optimize your postage funds.
  2. Direct Mail Weight and Size:
    Direct mail comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and forms. Weight and size are the primary drivers for postage costs. For example, if you normally mail out a full-size catalogue to your customers, consider sending a smaller digest-size catalogue with links to your full online catalogue. While weight is an important factor, dimensions are critical too. Minimize costs by keeping your mailing within the window for Standard “Personalized Mail” (formerly known as Addressed Admail).
  3. Review Your Postage Options:
    There could be other postage categories to best suit your direct mail pieces. You may be using one option, when another, less expensive option would also be appropriate for your business. These postal category options can include Personalized Mail (formerly known as Addressed Admail), Publications Mail (Pubmail), Machineable Lettermail, Incentive Lettermail, Postal Code Targeting (PCT), Small Packet (USA and International), and USPS Marketing Mail. Each category has different requirements, delivery times, and benefits. Please contact your Troi Mailing Services representative at 1-866-486-0423 when trying to determine which postage option will work best for your direct mail campaign.
  4. Convert To A Neighbourhood Mail Campaign:
    Neighbourhood Mail (formerly known as Unaddressed Admail) has the lowest postage rate and can provide you with a successful direct mail campaign. Neighbourhood Mail (formerly known as Unaddressed Admail) works well as a prospecting, acquisition or branding tool. This type of mailing can target apartments/condos, houses, farms and businesses. Canada Post ‘s Precision Targeter program will provide you with a broad range of criteria to choose from, and targets specific letter carrier walks that will match closely to your intended audience profile. Neighbourhood Mail (formerly known as Unaddressed Admail) is often used to make the first connection to your targeted audience, and provides you with an opportunity to establish new relationships.
How can I update my mailing list?

Quality assurance is an import element of database management. Troi Mailing provides two data services to our Clients to reassure you that your mailing list is up to date.

  1. Troi Mailing Services uses Canada Post address validation software to identify and remove duplicate and invalid addresses within your address files. Troi will provide a duplicate address file and invalid address file that you can use to clean up your database.
  2. National Change of Address (NCOA) processing will help identify Clients that have moved or passed away in the last five years. This will help you to ensure that your Personalized Mail gets to the right person at the right address before it enters the mail stream. National Change of Address (NCOA) processing should be done periodically to keep your client address records current and accurate.


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When I was searching for a company to handle my mailers, Troi was the first company that came up. I contacted them and I’m glad that I did! I have worked with the Troi Mailing & Timeline Printing team (Peter and Ken) for a couple of years now.

Christina PatriarcaDerKar Group of Companies

You and your team made it very easy for us and the reason that we kept coming back is because of the service, speed of delivery and the fact that you answer the phone!! Believe me it makes the biggest difference to be able to call and get a quick response.

Hareem AhmedMerlan Scientific

Wow!! What service! Please convey our thanks to the Troi staff who did such an outstanding job that our BioTechnica trade fair mailing was finished a full 2 days before the promised date.

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