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Why use Direct Mail?

April 14/2014

Over the years direct mail has been a staple in organizations Marketing initiatives. It’s not only the big player that have seen the value in Direct Mail, a lot of small to medium sized companies have made it part of their Marketing Mix

Direct mail is measurable, which allows companies the benefit of calculating an ROI (Return on Investment) on each campaign. An accurate ROI is hard to determine with the more traditional Marketing Streams. It helps justify your marketing spend and shows you the results of your efforts.

Below is some statistical information regarding direct mail that has recently been published by Canada Post.

-In Canada the most popular media for promotional messages is Direct mail at 36%, e-mail is second at 14%

-68% of Canadians Read their mail right away (High read rate)

-87% of Canadians read personally addressed mail (Addressed Admail)

-94% of Canadians open mail from a company they know (Brand Recognition)

-Direct Mail is 3 times more trustworthy than social media

-Awareness increase by upwards of 20% when direct mail is added to a multimedia campaign

-65% of people have made a purchase as a result of Direct mail

Why use direct mail? Because it works!