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Smartmail Marketing: An Introduction to “Personalized Mail” & “Neighbourhood Mail” – Formerly Known as “Addressed Admail” & “Unaddressed Admail”

November 13/2015

Over the past couple months, Canada Post has unveiled Smartmail Marketing to direct marketers and direct mail sales teams across Canada. The “Smart” rebranding seeks to portray recent industry revelations brought on by the company’s neuroscience studies with True Impact Marketing. New neuromarketing research has proven that people fundamentally enjoy direct mail advertising much more than digital advertising. And from this umbrella of scientific Smartmail Marketing comes several new approaches.

Until now, the most popular commercial direct mail streams were known as “Personalized mail” and “Neighborhood mail”…

Personalized mail categorized promotional direct mail being processed at a discounted postage rate for larger mailing volumes (500-piece minimum).

Neighborhood mail, also promotional mail, targeted focused areas and demographics through letter carrier route data.

Canada Post has rebranded these direct mailing streams into “Personalized Mail” and “Neighbourhood Mail,” and justifiably so. Troi praises this rebranding for a couple of reasons:

1. These renovated titles are much more personable, and deliver relevant insight into both direct mailing streams and their targets.

2. Semantics: When we use the prefix un-, it’s usually used to take away from an experience.
Similar to de-, non-, etc. (demoted, noncompliance, unaddressed).

We are happy to see direct mail carrying the positive connotations that it deserves! Please call our Toronto direct mailing house at 1-866-486-0423 to plan your next direct marketing project within the new world of Smartmail Marketing!