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10 Great Examples Of Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail marketing works best when used as part of an integrated marketing campaign. With the right direct mail provider, you can effectively drive customer traffic and sales. Moreover, you can measure your efforts, from creative elements to offers, and use the data to boost effectiveness.

10 Brilliant Ideas Of Direct Mail Marketing

Other benefits of direct mail include:

  • Targetability – meaning that you can focus your advertising budget to a segment of the audience that is likely to respond
  • Reach almost anyone – nearly all consumers have a mailing address with the GTA mailing service
  • Tap into numerous creative formats
  • Tailor each piece of mail with highly personalized messaging, graphics, and offers
  • Choose the depth of product detail to share – you are not limited to a 30-second commercial
  • Enjoy extended shelf life for your mail piece – creative pieces are usually kept for future reference

Here are some examples of businesses that have used direct mail creatively to get into homes and the hands of their target audience:

  1. Direct mail Christmas card
  2. Direct Mail Christmas Card

  3. Green Belgium mailing
  4. Green Belgium Mailing

  5. Casino direct mailer
  6. Casino Direct Mailer

  7. Cutlery mail campaign
  8. Cutlery Mail Campaign

  9. Skype
  10. Skype

  11. Design Indaba
  12. Design Indaba

  13. Ignite
  14. Ignite

  15. The da Vinci Code
  16. The Da Vinci Code

  17. Mid Autumn Festival
  18. Mid Autumn Festival

  19. Gourmet shop opening
  20. Gourmet Shop Opening

Direct mail marketing helps to create a one-to-one connection with your market that is hard to achieve with broad-based media channels, such as radio or television. As from the examples above, you can also incorporate reply cards, coupons, QR Codes/mobile barcodes, and other mechanisms to encourage a response, generating traffic, leads, and sales.


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