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5 Ways Brochures Help Your Local Business Succeed

While there are many ways to advertise your products or services, brochures are a tried and true method to grow your local business and attract new customers. Brochures are especially effective for local businesses because of their small-scale operations. By producing a creative brochure that draws the attention of your community, you can increase sales and attract your target audience. Below are five ways a brochure can help your local business succeed:

Brochures Help Your Local Business Succeed

  1. Establish your presence

    If you’re a new business, or still growing, brochures can help you to establish your local presence. Becoming a staple in your community can be achieved through creative brochures and targeted distribution. You’ll likely have less ground to cover than a national chain, so a brochure is an effective route to grow your brand. Placing brochures at popular local venues or shops will help to boost your recognition.

  2. Grow your customer base

    Whether you’re looking to attract new or older customers, providing easily accessible information about new and exciting offers will help grow your business’s reputation. For a local business, word-of-mouth is an important form of advertising, and creating buzz around a certain offer can help you to grow your local customer base.

  3. Attention-grabbing

    Brochures offer you creative freedom and an opportunity to provide a specialized touch to your campaign. Attract attention with eye-catching images or designs and bold statements to encourage customers to buy into your offer. Ensure you stay on brand and provide a call-to-action so customers will be more likely to follow through on a purchase.

  4. Develop partnerships

    Brochures provide an opportunity for you to work with other local businesses in order to access new customers. As well, featuring another business in your brochure will allow you to join resources. This business should complement your own products or services.

  5. New offers

    Sharing new offers, discounts or coupons, as well as cross-promotional opportunities, with your customer base through a brochure is a fast and effective way to attract business. This provides an incentive for them to follow through on a purchase and brochures are an easily accessible way for customers to find out about your business.

Brochures are a great tool for local businesses to boost their sales and recognition without spending too much time or resources on larger-scale campaigns. Our high quality printing and production can help you to take your brochure to the next level and grow your local business. Interested in adding direct mail marketing to your advertising mix? Please call our Toronto mailing house at 1-866-486-0423. Troi spells success, one letter at a time!


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