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Advantages of Working with Troi Mailing Services


We're determined to help you make your deadline. We understand that there will be bumps along the road—many of them outside your control. Let us show you how responsive we are. (After a few projects you'll know that it wasn't just a one-time ploy to win your business).

Personal Attention

We don't have voice mail, so you can't get lost in our phone system! Every time you call us you will speak to a "real human" who will respond to you personally and promptly.


We know the postal system inside and out. For example, there are an average of 400,000 postal code changes yearly. We acquire the software corrections monthly which allows us to sort mail right down to the individual letter carrier who will walk down the street and deliver to your intended recipients. We also have several negotiated contracts with Canada Post which will give you certain cost advantages. ie. U.S. and International postage and domestic parcel rate incentives.


As always. size does matter, even though it may mean different things to different people. In our case, we're not so big that we can't handle a lot of small projects. A small mailing of 1,200 letters does not get lost at Troi.


We're competitively priced and flexible when we need to be. Talk to us—we'll listen—and work with you to accomplish your goal.

Convenient Location

We're located right next door to a 137,000 square meter Canada Post Distribution Centre. When your mailing is ready to be dropped off, there's no delay.


Our staff is ready and willing to work around the clock, seven days a week to meet your deadlines.


We're friendly, enthusiastic and we never take you for granted. We will always let you know we appreciate your business!


Our trained and dedicated personnel tend to stick around because they enjoy working at Troi. Our low turnover, combined with ongoing training makes for an expert staff—who get the job done accurately, and on time.


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Wow!! What service! Please convey our thanks to the Troi staff who did such an outstanding job...

Oscar Johvicas / Jennifer Cooke
Co-Mar Management Services Inc.
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